Friday, February 10, 2012

Who's Occupying Who ?

Occupying various places and town squares is becoming more popular every day .... however, there are also many places inside of us...many rooms... some with more light in them than others...some rooms we may not have entered in many moons or ever... and there are rooms that others have occupied and set up shop in....The Them.  All sorts of designs have been made for us.... generated by these occupiers....Lot's of programs alive and running well....You are the are the body....grab the only go around should hate these people because of this..... and on and should know there are things you can see that can't be seen, here is a simple example MAGENTA and there are things you see that aren't really there as well.... I would like you to ponder creating a new room, mine is dark with a single candle that casts its flickering light on a wing backed chair in a dark reddish -moca velvet fabric, beside it a side table previously owned by the intrepid captain of a chinese junk running the waters off Siam... but, I, yes, create a room where you make plans for how you are going to rid your mind of these "occupiers"and change the subliminal headline from "MORE OCCUPIED MINDS OCCUPY SUCH AND SUCH PLACE" to "FREE MINDS REACH GESTALT; COLLAPSE PARADIGM"
The Them are very expert at creating diversionary events and drive this current paradigm by constant distraction, false attractions, and fear......while they party in the back rooms of our collective mind......This state of cosmic imbalance could even lead to a reverse rapture event whereby we wake up one fine day and all the baddies are just gone......Their negative Karma having created an enormous sucking black hole with selective intelligence and a peculiar appetite for souls rich with these vibrations.....hummmmmmm..poof.....
Yes... you will hear an increasing low pitched hum until the "poof".
Balance is Universe 101 ~!~

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