Tuesday, February 21, 2012

170K to 240K...Bentley sales up 31% in US!

Just as Bentley publically unveils its new Continental GTC at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company has announced sales figures for the first eight months of 2011. Things are looking good for the British automaker, with an increase of 31 percent compared to this time last year with more than 4,000 cars sold worldwide. The United States, Bentley's largest market, accounted for more than a quarter of the cars delivered, with sales up 36 percent.  The largest increases, however, came in Germany and China, where sales are up by two-thirds. Bentley's sales in China exceeded 1,000 for the first time in the brand's history.
A Bentley costs from around 170 thou$and to 240 thou$and US Dollars depending on the particular model.

Roadside Mystic  >>>Meanwhile  2 1/2 Billion people of the 7 Billion people on Earth live on 2  US dollars per day....
Clearly, Money is a great way to enjoy things, but is a poor way to measure a human contribution. 

A Question of Balance

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