Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Multiple Time Lines Converging ~!~

All boundaries are beginning to dissolve. Boundaries of space and time, and everything is beginning to coalesce into some kind of organometallic-human-machine-cultural-spiritual-material-interphasing-amoeboid something, that is spreading like a coral reef around the planet. -Terence McKenna

One time line in particular that seems to be moving along quite nicely is one in which 30,000 drones will be flying over DAS HOMELAND by 2020, DRONES. The ability to read or disturb brainwaves is coming over the horizon,GMO food, Tom foolery in the Gulf of Mexico with BP's Corexit and artifical life forms, Fracking, Chemtrails, increased nuclear radiation swirling around the planet ...? is there some kind of massive Terra-Forming of the planet with a new version of the new trans-human man under way here ?

Tracking and Hacking,,,legions of Cyberwar troops preparing for information wars in the information age....agenda 21,codex alimentarius...the Fukitol pill ?

The exponentially increasing rate of change on top of the increasing rate of change >>> Time wave zero approaches....the Eschaton

The Attractor at the end of time meets the attracted?

Stay Tuned.

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