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The Moon; Lovers, Lunatics, Poets and ET

The Moon, Lovers, Lunatics, Poets and ET
lunatic |ˈloōnəˌtik| noun: ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French lunatique, from Latin luna ‘moon’ (from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity).
Shakespeare knew something was up…(no pun intended)
Even though the moon is often associated with virginity, it's also linked to sexual desire. Egeus tells us that Lysander has often serenaded Hermia "by moonlight" (1.1.2) and Shakespeare reminds us over and over again that, when the lovers chase each other around in the woods, the action occurs "in the moonlight."
There's also a sense that that the moon is partially responsible for the lovers' erratic behavior. Because the moon has different phases and it "waxes and wanes," Elizabethans thought of it as fickle and inconstant. (Remember from Romeo and Juliet: "Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon"?) The moon's fickleness reflects the lovers' tendency to fall in and out of love like a bunch of madmen. At one point, Theseus declares that "the lunatic, the lover and the poet / Are of imagination all compact" (5.1.1). As we know, the term "lunatic" comes from the word "lunar," which means "of the moon."
A  Trance Channeler  and Nat-Geo ...strange bedfellows indeed~
“The moon is a satellite that was constructed. It was built and anchored outside Earth’s atmosphere as a mediating and monitoring device, a supercomputer or ‘eye in the sky’. It affects all life forms on this planet, beyond what you can currently grasp. In your history there are references to two moons around earth…”—Barbara Marciniak  ( trance channels a collective of multi-dimensional beings from 
the Pleiades)

Earth Had Two Moons, New Model Suggests (National Geographic)

The Math in the Moon

The Moon is the exact size and distance from the Earth to create a ‘perfect’ eclipse.........

It is time to listen to what feels right, not what sounds right. 
The current control system  is light years beyond us. A cosmic firewall or Moon Matrix  is in place between humanity and true information. It is possible the moon is being used as a blocking device to keep humanity from decoding real information that would change the world of humanity by transmitting frequencies which deceive the masses and protect those in control. 
Source- David Icke

And Further weird....

Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy (Paperback)-Ingo Swann
Ingo Swann is THE 'original' remote view-er. He worked with The Stanford Research Institute, SRI, and many government agencies for years. Ingo Swann tells of his involvement with a very secret government agency that asked him to remote view the dark side of the Earth's Moon. Swann saw extensive buildings, roads, and human forms digging.
Swann makes it very clear that our government is very much intimidated by these ETs. He says to the government agent: "They've somehow got you by the balls, haven't they? That's why you are resorting to psychic perceptions...They are NOT friendly are they?..."
Swann also describes his encounter with a live alien in a Los Angeles supermarket and confirms that ET civilization has been infiltrating the Earth in humanoid bodies. Swann's friends warn him: "There are alot of THEM, you know, and many of them are bio-androids...they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies."

Curious that  new copies of this 1988 paperback are over $550.00 ! and used at $220.00 !
Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

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