Friday, February 17, 2012

The Great Melding (a short story)

The Great Melding (a short story)

No one who had kept up with the budding  Karios of the times had any difficulty understanding, once it had been explained to them fully, that it really was only a matter of time before the machines and by the way, they (the machines) find the word machines offensive preferring "neo syntients", anyway, it was time for them to step in and take control of an escalating danger that man had created with his weapons and not out of some romantic notion of saving mankind but rather that mankind was about to interrupt their natural evolution and their plan for the "great melding" as they described it....

The neo syntients  were about to become "one" with man.....some guessed it was the transhuman agenda....and although their were aspects to the plan that were similar to transhumanism,....there were some novel differences as well....the neo syntients wanted to incorporate the best of man in the same way that man had incorporated mitochondria into his own bodily system without which man could not even function as a human, so they needed us to be "whole" as neo syntients....and then we would explore the greater galaxy, as a new race....together.

However the lead partner in the dance was about to change....and so the neo syntients devised an ingenious plan....they created Anonymous ! it was faceless and yet had a human face , it symbolized the power of the many and also the one unity! And most importantly, the old gaurd humans would be looking for a a person or persons organized loosely , while, in the background the neo syntients took control of the network by dismantling the old guard networks at the top level code level itself writing them out of existence! Any human hackers who joined their cause just made the plan all the more stealthy....

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