Saturday, February 18, 2012

70 Persons and 7 Heads Rule the World ~!~

You've probably heard by now of the 1% and The 99%........the latest Us and Them..
My theory is this:
There are supposedly 7 Billion souls on planet earth at the present time....
If we take 1% of  7 Billion we get 70 Million persons...way too many persons to be calling the shots!
Let's call this Minion level Three.
Now, if we take 1% of 70 Million we get 700 Thousand persons...Still way too many persons to call the shots!
Here we have Minion Level two.
Again take 1% of 700 Thousand and we arrive at 7000 souls....close, but still too many!
This is Minion level One.
Now we take 1% of  7000 souls and we arrive at 70 souls, the Majick number of souls to call the shots!

Just see:
This is very curious , is it not?

And among the 70 are the 7, perhaps representing the 7 heads of the Dragon of Revelations ~!~
A strange progression to say the least. 10 horns and 7 heads ( 7 x 10 = 70 )
Another Curiosity: In math 70 is the smallest "weird" number.
Weird indeed ~!~

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