Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Play a Game ~!~

Ok, why don't we leave the Spiritual Realm and go take birth on Earth where we can forget our eternal nature in order to experience the limitations and challenges of the temporary human body. Choose your Characters well as each one has advantages and disadvantages. We'll use "Time" to keep game play moving along......and the object will be to overcome whatever strange beliefs and customs we are "taught",  and let me tell you, they've got loads of strange beliefs and customs on Planet Earth! we overcome all of this programming and thereby remember that we are actually eternal infinite spiritual beings playing around in the material we can get that groovy feelings of separation,and reunion, like way out know what they say...going on a trip to strange places is fun, but it's good get back home again.
Let's give a special shout out to MAYA for sponsoring the 3D your heart out Dreamworks ! The winner is the one who figures the game out in the fewest number of lifetimes ! Remember, even though it's a inter-dimensional game, you can't get out (It's SOOOO Reel) of the game until you have mastered all the levels...........sorry, there is no last game saved feature, (Tip)  Previous game experience can be accessed through the use of your "intuition". Meditation is the pause button and there is no quit button. Game play ends when you have mastered all the karmic levels.
Ready? Let's Go!
The last one back is a snake in the grass !

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