Friday, February 3, 2012

Pandora's Lunch Box

Today is curry day at Pandora's lunch box, were going Vedic style....

Imagine you're going about your business one fine day and you see a lovely specimen of the human variety dawdling nearby in the market square....and as you could have expected, pandora swings both ways.....anyhow, you are attracted, "I wonder what it would be like flashes through your mortal coil" like a mini shock wave as you approach Pandora...."Hey, I think i've seen you around here name is...a coy fox , what's in the box? and you hook up...

It's only much further down the road that you realize that your the whore in the box...your a slut for Maya (another name for Pandora), a fool for the city, when you thought you were the Lord of all you survey.....Unless you've had way too much of Maya's  Cool-aid ...gotten shit faced and dumbed down and now can't get it up or even get a clue....that it's you... really is all about you.....and your desire to see what's in Pandora's lunch box.... Have you ever been experienced...not stoned...but beautiful? Yes you have, and you are having an experience, but you are not the are not the Chaos ride at Dizzy-land, you are the rider....Ride her....Are you screwing someone's brain out or just humping a mirror?
Would you like dessert with that?

How about a slice of bunt cake drizzled with vanilla cream sauce? It might calm that fire on the end of your,,, tongue, you know,... from the curry sauce, how, how, how, how......people will say "don't beat yourself up" or  "sometimes things just don't work out" and other  nice ways of  encouraging you to get up and get your ass kicked again (smile). When you take Pandora out it doesn't matter who picks up the check because you always pay.... and then maybe at some point you realize that we've all got that box inside of us...full of countless lives of experiences, and that time sorting out the contents is time well spent.

There's no free lunch or free love that your gonna "get" only the Love you wanna give ~!~

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