Thursday, February 9, 2012

DARK Knights, DARK Shadows

So >>> R A D I A T I O N<<<<  two (at least ) ways of looking at this issue of Bombing people with Depleted Uranium which causes horrible consequences for several generations, the seeming lack of any real  solution to FUK U SHIMA, which you have no idea how crazy this ongoing planetary damnation is if you're getting your news from the Usual gang of disinformation incorporated... I mean, it's like building the town with 100% wood and not building a fire station to handle any potential fires....Insane enough for you?
Don't even think about World War 3 ...2 many countries, 2 many nukes......

Or is there another answer....Billions of dollars back up the research road, maybe before you were born, They, THEM the __________________________ yeah those dark knights, figured out how to cure radiation, to nullify it's effects, to co=exist with it.....just like they know the cure for cancer and so many other valuable secrets.... But they won't tell you. Al least this would make some sense. Nuclear power plants that have had their lifetimes extended waaaay past the safety point are Nuclear Bombs sitting in plain view...tick tock tick tock,,,,,,,, Fuk U Shima today, Fuk YOU Shima And Fuk Me Shima tomorrow......

The argument's all an unfortunate accident....These People (dark Knights) have to live here to...and they have children and why would they to cut a long story short want to Sh*T in their own nest? possibility is that they already have a "breakaway civilization " up and running with real impressive spaceships, life extension tech, transhumans in overdrive etc.

And we the people, the herd, the unwashed masses trying to get the latest iPhone5 , are one of their assets.
A planet with People (gene pool , DNA, slaves, ) wildlife, plant and sea life, elements and minerals, hideouts, etc.
And it's all for sale, like any other corporate asset. Inner earth sold separately . Void where there is no IS.
Batteries for anti-gravitic drive not included.

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