Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Devil's Food Layer Cake of Thrust

In God They Thrust,  They like to Thrust it around in space, and sometimes they like to thrust it in your face...(their big swinging Ego's of course : )) They might even say "Let them eat Cake".....  Johnny's got a vector thrust rocket in his pocket and he's glad to see you....Tazers, Phazers, and Lasers....Business has been good for the baked space trolls lately...when the big God's away the little gods will God that is....and some of them can play a pretty convincing God. Do all Universes come with Envy or is that optional?  Think of every universe as a cake! Some have too many nuts in them ! and sometimes, all you can get is Devi's food cake !

Anyway these kats are flying vector thrust airways, while the minions around here fly their old castaways,
They like to say "We  TAUght  you everything you know but not everything We know" so don't get any unauthorized ideas earthlings....That's how the Space Trolls roll >>>>> They like the dark cake..with the light...creme hidden inside......!

Higher up the food chain they're flying the latest shape shifting enter=inter-dimensional faster than thought naughty--lust flash craft.... The better to grab your cake in a flash.....and kick your booty faster than you can say Who Dat?

It's kind of like that It's Turtles all the way down story except it's layers of Devils food cake all the way up ~!~

Someone on a higher floor always has a nicer, sweeter, bigger slice of cake....there there my good man, let me cut you,,,ahem,,,a slice...once on this side , and now on the other,,, look it's a vector shape brother!

The Supreme Creator and baker of all the cakes that are..... has provided enough cake for grow up you fat little piggies and quit hogging all the cake.....or soon it will be only black Karma pudding for you!

The devil=ish secret: The Big Gods twinkies don't make you fat and the Angel cake is orgasmic.

On the other hand, if it's Pie your after, as in > promise them pie in the sky when they die.  

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