Monday, February 27, 2012

How Now T-TAU Kali wow ~!~

In "The Circular." (vol.4,No.4) the crop circle  researchers are finding new things about the five-pointed star.  The five-pointed star can be laid out within the T-cross as seen below....

The most interesting is the T-shaped pattern that reveals a reversed (two points upward) five-pointed star in it's geometry as seen here....

I think the shape is related to the T-type Tau. The three lower circles could be the lower chakras, with the upper ones representing the upper four.  The central bisected circle is the Dual Deity symbol and the heart chakra.  This suggests the duality balancing involved in the change to the heart chakra.  

I felt some confirmation when I read Charles Holderness's article.  He says the formation might resemble the chakra system.  The five-pointed star is related to Kali in the Tantric book.  I am enclosing two pages from The Sacred Symbols Of Mu about the T-Tau.  You can see the similarity to the crop formation.  It could be that the T-Tau becomes the Tau Cross when the flower, like an aperture opening, blossoms.  The Seventh Ray comes through, connecting us to the Divine.

I happened to read the first pages of Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine around the time I was reading the "Circular" articles. She explains the meanings of various glyphs found in very ancient documents.  Every one has appeared as a crop formation in various forms.  Among them are the T-Tau, and the bisected circle.  She then tells of the reversed five-pointed star as being a symbol of the Kali Yuga.  All this seemed to coincidentally tie in to the Charley Knoll formation, and the ideas I reported in my "Pollen Path" essay.  It seems to hint that the Kali-Yuga involves the lower three chakras.

I have been pondering about the way to best present all this material in the book.  The nature of the subject and the unusual way it came to me is difficult to sort out into a logical, chronological story.  The chronology, that is to say, the order in which the ideas came will be more difficult to follow in this form.  I will include dates or general timing, as it is important.  The point is to show that the dream-coincidences are predictive.  To me, this is one of the most convincing parts of it.
- Forest Crawford

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