Thursday, January 26, 2012


Have you heard the good news and the bad news?
UR Not A Sinner But U Have Been F'd Over ~!~

CON TROL Control..... Con the trolls ...You are Sinners....born on date must be stabbed with dozens of needles >> 'V'accinated....a Ritual sacrificial example of how the rest of your future  life is going to go.... but don't worry you poor sod, because one of these days....(that book says you can't know exactly when) the External Savior... insert Your choice of Savior here __________________ >>>
will save your so-called sorry ass, and all the dead people will walk out of their graves like a B grade zombie movie...except the zombies are going to heaven...and a lot of others who are taken up in ships (raptured..taken up...RAPturED).... when the reality is that you're being Mind- FU*KED over... But >>> telling you straight up that you've been fu*cked over by another superior manipulative race a long time ago does not work very well when your trying to control people now does it? Yes there's a matrix here, but it's not the *holly-wood MAJICK show dis-info version you've been given by Gnosis Reeves and company...LOL...Morpheus (god of dreams) in his dark reptilian tailored suit tells us that we only have 2 choices...the  Red pill or Blue pill, red state , blue state, two party thrill kill bill system... And the "REAL WORLD" is ugly, boring, drab, sweaty, ZION?  and why do the "free" people look like they've just been to the mud slide at a music festival? The whole deal is an advertisement FOR the Matrix and By the Matrix. Morpheus is another program of the Matrix.

And the knee-jerk Control reaction is so embedded that the Junkie/Alcoholic etc. will attack you for explaining that he/she is a F'd over addict.....and has been F*d over because there are so many non-addictive substances that could be made freely available But >>>> they don't assist in Con-trol......

Con-Trol  through His-Story Control through History  The His-Story Channel  Con the Trolls

None of the above should be understood to mean that Jesus was/is not real or that Jesus does not Love us.

This is just my opinion, I could be right.

* the preferred wood for Majick wands..

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