Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How the Cosmic Cow Eats Cabbage

It's like this... Your sitting with Satan having Lunch , because hey he's everywhere your going to be on this planet....and he keeps telling you to watch out behind you for terrorists...or off to the side for Alien invaders...and every time you look away....he steals one of your fries...He's got you believing that external savior Jesus or anybody else want's to save your sorry ass and take you to heaven so you can try and do the same nonsense  your doing here....maybe you'll even Rebel against God and have your ass thrown out of the Heavenly pub again! That's a real plan yes sir. We're all eternal beings and we are currently residing in these DNA rich 3D bodies called human beings as in Being here instead of being somewhere else. Other things with different bodies used to live on this planet and now they are gone. Things change. But it's not the end. It's never the end really. The programming just keeps coming folks 24/7/365....when one program ends another program follows it...So if some other beings come here that are way more advanced technologically than we are and they want this planet, then they will take this planet. And they will decide if we stay or go. Remember the Native North Americans ?  The white Euro Man did not totally destroy the fact he bred with can always use some extra DNA....and there are plenty of great places/life forms/dimensions out in the greater cosmos for everyone to stay.... Re In Car's the new Black baby. Now that's what I call a Nation!  Besides the bad boys running the show hear have a rather Hellish sense of Style and a true appetite for for some a change of place can be quite refreshing >> Satan just ordered desert, Devil's food cake... he has a perfect figure, never gains or loses a pound...He said to tell you that he loves you more....what a devil ~!~ of course I didn't let him pick up the tab...never let your CPA, Lawyer, or Satan pick up the tab ~!~

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