Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pyramid in the Center of America

Did you know that there is a Pyramid in the center of America? The exact center to be exact.

There is an ancient principle of placement called Brahmasthan, or the point of wholeness following the principles of right orientation, placement, measurement and proportion. It is the structure’s center point, the seat of wholeness, of totality of Natural Law—just as structures in nature have a center point- galaxies, flowers, the atom—so also does the structure and layout a home or community or city. The great pyramid of Giza is located in the geographic center of the earth and is a mathematical representation of the earth. This picture shows this principle represented in the US Capital: 
George Washington was a Master Mason.The Washington Monument is an ancient Obelisk like structure. Many American cities are filled with Masonic symbols. Washington D.C., Charleston S.C., and Asheville N. C., are a few that come to mind. Therefore according to Masonic principles, the main body of the country (the lower 48 at that time) needed to have a structure to designate this center point. This point is located in Lebanon, Kansas. Lebanon in the middle east also plays into to this story as we shall see. Here is a picture of that Pyramid in Lebanon, Ks:
A pyramid with an uncapped  top as on the dollar bill. Now, if we take the Latitude and longitude of this site as described on the embedded plaque about which we shall have more to say in a moment, we get:
39 48 35 N> 3+9+4+8+3+5 = 32º >>> 32nd degree of Freemasonary
98 33 19 W> 9+8+3+3+1+9 = 33º >>> 33rd degree of Freemasonary
Wow! what a coincidence!
 Here's some high strangeness: take this picture ...and notice the 191 on the sign with the "END" under this number. 1+9+1 = 11, the 9 sits between the two towers of the 11 or ones on each side. The yellow background for the number looks like a Sun Symbol.
There is more to be learned from the memorial plaque embedded in this stone pyramid. Here is a close up:

Of particular interest here are the names of the two men listed on this plaque, L. A. Beardslee and L.T. Hagadorn. Several interesting words are produced by running these names through anagram generators such as: Torah, Harlot, Gold, Balder (a Norse God), BAAL(ancient God), Rebels, Dragon, Blade, Saber.  Terms: Ant Rah Gold, A grant hold, Baals reeled, Able leaders, a rebel deals, a belle raised.

Theres always more to the story: 
What is a very famous place in ancient Lebanon ? BAALBECK !
Search Baalbek >>> BAAL ia an ancient God.
Is this the "promised land" a land that was promised to ....... there's always more to History
His Story.

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