Monday, January 23, 2012

Said the Raven EVERMORE ~!~

This time of our passing through the Magnetic flux....the interstellar cloud.... the energetics from the Sun.....our journey has begun. The background of the Game of Life....the Rules shall no longer be the Rules.....Let your conscience or CON-SCIENCE be your guide....  >>> do not be conned by science or by not lose faith in your self.....different planets in different systems may have different beliefs....but that is all they are... are under no belief unless you submit to must deal with your present conditioning...Do not fall under the sway of corrupt people with high ideals....the facade that appears pleasing to the eye but is corrosive to the higher consciousness.....can a greater accolade be said of a man than "he was true to himself" ? can a greater accolade be said of a woman than "she was true to herself" ?  The dance of the stars is within you and without you. It is not on your TV. The energies of the present are here to change the very nature of the Game.... All current "Systems" are a NO GO, all Prophecies are Null and Void.  Do not worry about what Age you are in or what age you are, we are all the same age, we are just coming and going at different times....You must rely on your inner guidance system. Death is a Door. Birth is a Door. Said the Raven EVERMORE. ~!~

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