Thursday, January 12, 2012

Donny G and Terral03 at the Bumper Car Research Institute

Donny G and Terral03 at the Bumper Car Research Institute

Space Mason Templar knight  Imagemiester interviews Bumper car researcher and bible/ ARK-kansas Cave dwelling survival expert to discuss Jesus and The Heavy Mass object/dark star/solar system that  is  heading toward the earth as the hungry trolls hurl accusations of Lens flares, photoshop magic tricks, and messiah complexes…What is there not to like about this? All you young people pay attention:  Internet Troll medication adjustment technician is a growing field unless your already growing your own medication in a field…and apologies to those too broke to pay attention….Back to the Universe and the Verse/word/uniword/ and those strange spaceships like John lenard walson finds that look like Steampunk designed Bongs…Have you or have you not found the Planet where the Savior  as in (Save Your Sorry Ass from the Devil) is coming back from? My guess would be Janaloka but that's a Vedic thang.  any way…Opposites attract… so the big mass object is coming to knock/shake some sense into this mass object were living on….talk about getting baked! You think the Internet is bigger than Jesus? 
Wait till the mega solar flare puts a curl in your short hairs …OK, so as the tale is told, as the Word is spoken , as the world burns,>>> The LORD comes like a thief in the night…. all  S N E A K Y  like. But …hold on…We now have the Exact co-ordinates of the MASS Object and the Date of March 22…Hmmmmm can I get an Amen-RA? Can I get a reformation?  Can I get a fair election?
"Hello…yew hoo…Here I am at this location and I'm going to come to your house on March 22, 2012 . Purple haze all in my brain….excuse me while I zip my fly,there will be signs in the sky. Damn you Chem Trails!  Damn you Georgia Guide Stones!  and how did those reptilians get to be such good TV newscasters?  Are 
the aliens planning to stage a Mass abduction (rapture)  event? THE HARVEST Festival of 2012 ? Beware of Giant Space ships offering free tours of the galaxy or free room and board in a deep underground facility….Get right with GOD! or was that Get the Right God? Donny Gillson does not have to be right all the time for me to like him. I think  Donny Has become like a huge screen that people Project their hopes and fears onto and I really enjoy this Bumper Car Research. Long live the fringe and Remember what I said : The Denial is not just a river in Egypt, All the Gypsys ain't in Romania, and Your Money's got an evil eye on it ~!~

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