Friday, January 13, 2012

Message from the Magick Bus ~!~

Surely we are all going to physically die, many will die today......but what keeps us fascinated as humans is the prospect that we are all going to die together in some great Earth killing or at least humanity killing event.
A meteor will hit Antarctica , the red dwarf planet will turn us into crispy critters...the idea that generations won't live on, history will stop.... all of the cool things and not so cool things people have created...gone.
Anything is Possible in this reality even though some will disagree. The ones who do not think that some things are possible are more easily upset and shocked when those things do happen, but anyway...the Crux of the matter is beyond matter and is a matter of spirit and one's comfort level with being someone who was, is, and will always be around...somewhere,,,albeit in different bodily situations.
Some times things come to a hard stop ...what more can I say...they found woolly mammoths with undigested flora from temperate climates in the stomachs of these large beasts....who were grazing in the grass, having a gas, and then moments or several hours later were frozen to death by a sudden change....
So what do you believe happens to you in the case of such an event?
Might be good to give it some thought.
And it's a good idea to keep a week or 10 days worth of food around for the usual types of natural disasters that we have here on terra, but planning for the nuclear winter or ice age or Zombie apocalypse ?
Not me Bucko. I'll be on my merry way, incarnating in a brand new day in a brand new age somewhere in the big show.... 
Keep those vibrations up ~!~

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