Sunday, January 8, 2012

God dog ~!~

Our Geman shepherd or is that German Shedder? lol is 12.5 years old…the .average lifespan for the breed is 9.5 -10 yrs…so…real old, and she told me she hopes she does not come back as a farm animal like a cow or a pig or a chicken cause she's heard stories….(cat's love to scare the beejesus out of dogs with their slaughter house tales) …so I told her that some good dogs go on to become humans in their next life and then her old amber eyes lit up as she cocked her head….a god she said? I can become a god like you? I had to think about that answer for a long few seconds….then I said that's right girl, your gonna be a god. Now you know the secret of why dog is just god spelled backwards. Now, am I wrong for that? Sheeeit.

-Shawn Kara ONeal

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