Thursday, January 19, 2012

Masonic Mickey Mouse

Let's  take it from the top of the pyramid shall we.... There's a young Walt Disney sitting at his desk.... check the two mickey mouse head logos above and below the Golden Masonic emblem...notice the red sections that make up the crown? compare those to the "ears" on the mouse kidding and no accident. If we traced the circle below the mouse head ears over the golden emblem we would see that it would contain a globe (the earth?) with the Pyramid of 33 within it.  Is the two headed creature roosting on the 33rd parallel  that runs through Charleston South Carolina the Cradle of 
the Scottish Rite of Freemasons in North America? Notice that the two heads are not the same...
And yes there is still a Masonic club in Disneyland...R E A L L Y. Club 33.

Found on the web:
A few years ago, OC Weekly (from Orange County, California) ran a review of the Disneyland restaurant Club 33, titled "Mickey the Mason: Behind the door of Uncle Walt’s exclusive Club 33." Apparently many people think the 33 refers to that "high degree" in Freemasonry. The writer found no Masonic symbols in the restaurant, saying only that "at the top of the windows... there are designs that are almost shaped like an eye." Spooky stuff! Membership in Club 33 (in 2003) is $7,500, with yearly dues of $2,500. A buffet-style meal is $47. I don't know too many Masons who would pay those kinds of dues or prices to eat, but then, I'm not a 33rd degree "high ranking" Freemason, so what do I know?

RM >>> I believe that there are a whole lot of former Freemasons roaming the earth right now and many of them have skipped officially re-upping with a lodge and that may even be part of the grand design or plan as you do not find what you are not looking for Capice?  They are not Illuminated because they are stupid. And I do not say this to infer that the plan is an "evil" one and many persons would agree that given the choice and promise of a grand plan vs. no plan at all get my point. Of Course not being a Mason myself , I can only speculate ~!~

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