Friday, January 27, 2012

The Sacrifice Drive Shaft Company

A civilization needs a sturdy drive to keep it moving along the median...we currently employ a sacrifice drive……definitely not a TAO drive…..
We are running with a red slaughterhouse gear box, the "old shredder" in conjunction with a external save-yore torque converter and a silent shaft that keeps the piss-tons pissing and the sacrifice drive hissing….
The vedic chant nothing good comes without sacrifice hums in the medic's ear as he trys to kill the fear of the first time riders , cause someones always dying for someone else around here…..
The shifts come slow and with great resistance like twin pillar boxes grinding themselves right out of existence…..the harder you work, the luckier you get, nothing ventured , nothing gained, we've got all the right app-whore-isms to cause you pain….
For god and country for God and Galaxy, we can scale our drive up or down to meet your needs, tell us more about your coming deeds,  perhaps you'd like to see something in a nano size, let me tell you this little devil flies!

"We run to the last drop of your blood"  is the moto here at the sacrifice drive shaft company, and least you forget__?___ it is your blood we shall let! 
Surely you can make the sacrifice of a small down payment,,,as  our sacrifice drive will keep you rolling recklessly down the bloody pavement….our legendary Kali Yuga overdrive insures you that no blood will congeal between the drive gears and the wheels.....
Besides, that Tao drive is highly over rated with it's balance shaft so perfectly weighted….
How can it possibly satisfy …`we all know  there's no gain without pain…don't we ?

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