Monday, December 12, 2011

WAAAY off the Beaten Path...

The  WTF? WTH? roundup of stuff FOUND ON THE WEB ~!~

Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick announced in 1977 that he had concluded based on glimpses of an alternate present that we are living in a holographic Universe being simulated by a computer, the infrastructure that I learned as a child in Project Pegasus in 1970 the US Department of Defense was calling "The Matrix." - Andrew D. Basiago

We are looking for this event to be monitored by the Global Consciousness Project. The GCP monitors coherence in global consciousness through a network of over 60 computers producing random binary 24 hours a day. At times of major world events, the binary produced ceases to be random and becomes coherent. At such times, the binary starts to produce streams of zeros or ones rather than a random mix of the two digits. This is believed to be the first indication of the existence of global consciousness. As meditation is the primary way to develop coherent brainwave patterns in the individual, a large collective meditation like this one should generate coherence throughout the entire global brain. If we can get enough people participating, the coherence produced in global consciousness just might register. Through the Global Consciousness Project we have the possibility of monitoring our effects on the global brain.
Amy Margaret Hoy yesterday I found some interesting math and decryption of the matrix 441 cube construct (or 441 unity of the totality). cube matrix which is itself a 11Th dimension transmission language - Based on the opposite of p called phi math. Its a superconscious 11th dimension download of nonomind perceiver and noosphere operating circuit that are holographically identical. Described as a universal synchronization which represents the synchronization order and law of time. A ratio and factual proportions "telepathic thought language" which is a structure with different sets of matrixes such as time,space, synchronization, and base. In the fractal system, 20 is the totality and 21 is the unity of the totality. 20 squared is 400, and then you go to 21squared and between 400 and 441 there are 41 units:the interval of GOD. 441 is the unity of the Totality... quoted from the Sirius council sessions. ( OK.... My 3D thoughts... this looks like Maya math and hasn't it been said the Montaulk chair was from Sirus origin?)

By Mike Nelson | PC News | Dec 12, 2011 9:36 AM | Comment
Turns out gamers like to spend money on games that have Call, Duty, and Warfare in their title. Earlier today, Activision sent word across the news wire that the latest entry in the series, Modern Warfare 3, has surpassed $1 billion dollars in earnings in just 16 days, surpassing Avatar as the fastest selling entertainment property in history. Previously, James Cameron's magnum opus made as much money in a paltry 17 days. 

>>>Interesting fact when so many are trying to push WWIII 4 REAL...

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