Friday, December 9, 2011

The Anunnaki Industry

Spell Checker knows Anunnaki...Hmmmm
How main stream. At least in my circles.
It's all the rage don't you know....They Manipulated our DNA man!  Messed with the earth Monkeys....
Is it Time for a change of Gods in these parts...?  Something that paves the way for the acceptance of
 more human DNA manipulation?
Now we have news out of South Africa about a very large Gold mining see we were created as Slaves to work the mines for the Anunnaki who needed to mix the gold dust to save their atmosphere...nice prep to get you used to the fact that you are slave quality not  The Genetic Royalty of the cosmos (this part of it anyway).
Too bad there not spraying Gold dust in those CHEMTRAILS ! Just Barium and Lord Knows what else is in that 
SH *T!  So the grand creator of this story ( others have disputed Sitchin's interpretations of the Sumerian Tablets and/or  seals) Zecharia Sitchin has recently passed on leaving the field open for the next wave of Anunnaki -ites.
Get ready for more books !  "The Anunnaki in You" might make a good title...
I have several of Sitchin's books and enjoyed reading them. Very Intelligent man.
All of this knowledge was "hidden" until  Zecharia came around. Check him out on youtube.
How can this Anunnaki MEME which is all it is at this point lead to the goal of a one world religion?
You've got to destroy what's already here to build a better beast no?
Sheeple, followers, believers, pick a word....point of view?  Proof?
So what if the Anunnaki or Nephilim  tampered with some earth DNA to serve their selfish ends...?
It makes them no better than the F'd up Corporations trying to Modify our DNA with GMO foods and Chemtrails.
How about the questionable DNA manipulation going on by Humans right here right now?
They Are not Gods. They just are just wanna be's.
There is imho a Supreme Creator of All That is. 
Particular Civilizations and Religions may come and may go.
However, The Supreme Creator of all That Is here, was here, and will be here.

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