Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lord Shiva Totem

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I wonder which Gods force made me share the sakthi path with you :
I never requested everyone who reads this to chant "sai paadha lingam" . Do it only if you feel attached to it and if you feel its a message for you . Infact this is called Sakthi path. A message given by guru to his deciple. I shared because i have read in sai satcharitra that we have to share what sai taught us with everyone so that it is benefitting the entire universe.
I am sure some of you can feel the vibration it creates. Even when i wrote this article , i did feel may be i must have kept this "Sai paadha lingam" as secret for my personal devotion alone and do a lord shiva website in a different name. Somehow it is not the selfish "me" who is doing all this friends. You can take sai paadha lingam as a simple spark to encourage you to be more devoted to Lord Shiva and continue your devotion as usual.In kaliyug with many distractions, something like this helps Lord Shiva devotees be more sincere in their devotion.
Probably God made me share my simple pooja with all of you because it might create a spark of devotion in you. In kaliyug , kali purusha is eager to spread kama ( lust ) and sins of speech in all possible ways and even a single drop of work from a ordinary person like me to help everyone lead a simple pure life, to keep their mind so pure as if theres a shiva temple inside themselves and do pooja to shiva lingam is some thing God wants .
Once again i plead,
Offer your bad habits, thoughts and deeds in holy feets of sainath and Show your love on God. God wants your love.
Blessings of Imaginining that you build Shiva temple and offer pooja to Shiva lingam and holy feets of Sadguru :
Lord Dattatreya , Shri Paadha Shri Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati, Swami samartha, my Guru Shirdi Saibaba, the great ancient Sidha, yogis of bharatam and adi Guru Lord Shiva bless all children of God with peace, prospertity and Happiness
Sai will fill your heart with the enormous glory of God, The sacredness of saints and peace of deep ocean.
Lets chant togather ...
"Om Namah Shivaya
Om Naham Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya"
and or Any good Lord Shiva mantra you like.
To help you realize the power of internal pooja , i have the below holy words from sacred book depicting life of Saint "Narasimha Saraswati".
" The greatest kind of Pooja is the one which is done internally " - Shri Guru Charitra
"Thennatudaya Shivane potri, Ennatavarkum Iraivaa potri "
C.Venkat Raman

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