Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Trails 2 U

As we come to the end of 1711 we look forward to a happy and peaceful 1712.....whaaa?
Well, it was not obvious, in fact it's been well hidden.
The reason why all of the various good/bad prophecies have not and will not come true anytime soon is due to the fact that we are not about to enter the year 2012.
Just for a moment say this really is going to be the year 1712 in a few days....then what year were you really born in? Unless you are very young nearly everyone reading this was born in the 1600's.
This is due to Tampering with Calendars for various agendas.
So... Lot's of hype and fear and control.
I did have the thought that the whole "Steampunk" meme is trying to tell us that we are really are in this time frame.... and "technology" steam power etc. should have moved at a much slower pace had we not been visited by ET.  Technology took a "leap".  ET is one answer.
The Apocalypse was written in 1486?  See Anatoly Fomenko about that one.
What's Fascinating is how the human mind will try all manner of ways to fit a Square peg Paradigm into a round hole reality that they are convinced is unfolding....
And is that the point? to harness enough minds to steer the phantasm in another direction?
Magicians will be magicians you know....
The common folk used to have a general understanding that there was white magic and there was Black Magic...Harry Potter meme...Hmmmmm.
Science hides the distinction between White and Black magic behind the same Facade.
Everything is a "sign" of this or that....foretold,,, to the caves.....must survive....Starships will decend next month.....
It is likely that amazing events could happen at any moment.....a Look through any telescope should bring about this realization...but when someone "drops in" on us the Earthlings will certainly Tie it to their various Prophecies.... Search "Cargo Cults" if you dare to see what the human tribal/faith/comprehension/mind is capable of.....
When we are always looking outside of ourselves we see the Phantasmagoria....reflections, smoke, mirrors, pretty and horrible images,,,,
When we look inside we may find another reality.....entirely
Happy trails to you.....

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