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Vedic Sanskrit is the oldest attested language of the Indo-Iranian language family. It is the language of the Vedas, the oldest Shruti texts of *Hinduism INDIA, compiled over the period of the mid 4th to mid 3rd millennium BCE. It can be said that Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Tamazight, Hebrew and Tamil are the oldest major languages which are still spoken today. 

Sanskrit was also suggested as the best language for use in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence by NASA. It is the only language in the world which is scientifically precise as was discovered by the NASA scientist Rick Briggs as published in the Artificial Intelligence Magazine 

"As we shall see, there was a language spoken among an ancient scientific community that has a deviation of zero. This language is Sanskrit." -- Rick Briggs: 

Let us not forget that among the great accomplishments of the Indian thinkers were the invention of zero, and of the binary number system a thousand years before the West re-invented them.
The discovery is of monumental significance. It is mind-boggling to
consider that we have available to us a language which has been spoken for 4-7000 years that appears to be in every respect a perfect language designed for enlightened communication. But the most stunning aspect of the discovery is this: NASA(one of the) most advanced research center in the world for cutting edge technology has discovered that Sanskrit,the world's oldest spiritual language is the only unambiguous spoken language on the planet.

It is also relevant to note that in the last decade physicists have begun to comment on the striking similarities between their own discoveries and the discoveries made thousands of years ago in India which went on to form the basis of most Eastern religions.

Sanskrit after all is the language of mantra -- words of power that
are subtly attuned to the unseen harmonies of the matrix of creation,the world as yet unformed. The possibility of such a finely attuned language is only conceivable by drawing upon sounds so inherently pure in combinations so harmoniously blended that the result is as refreshing and pure as the energy of creation forming into mountain streams and lakes and the flawless crystal structures of natural gems, while at the same time wielding the power of nebulae and galaxies expanding into the infinitude of space.

*Hindu is not a sanskrit word.

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