Sunday, December 11, 2011

The MOON IS GONE ....???

Yeah this is the Moon...and my name is Pippi Longstocking. -Donny Gilson
After watching the latest Shocking Video by the Intrepid Mr. Gilson, I have a few thoughts and suspicions regarding earth's Moon. Video:!

We may be seeing a Holographic Image of the moon which is being broadcast from a space craft/SAT.
A FAKE Moon. Well this whole dimension is a bit of a hat trick anyway, so like a movie is an illusion within the bigger illusion so the Holographic Moon is an Illusion within an Illusion.


Ancient stories from antiquity have described periods when the Earth had no moon and also periods when the earth had several moons.... Also there is a current theory that the Moon (not there anymore) was hollow inside and was  driven or towed here originally Et's. (smarter people with better technology).
So if it can come it can go........

Well, the Sanskrit Vedas state that the Moon is a Heavenly Planet (higher Dimension than Earth) say it's 4D and what we have always seen is a 3D version which does not translate all of it's reality to us in the Third Dimension....
And then consider that this whole sector of the Galaxy is being Upgraded....The MOON has already moved into 5th dimension and cannot be seen anymore....Poof!
SO>>> the powers that be cannot have us getting FREAKED by the Moon going BYE BYE which leads us back to The Hologram (blue Beam Technology) courtesy of the US SPACE COMMAND.

Woo woo indeed!

BE READY to see the most fantastic events...believe that anything is possible...and you may be able to enjoy Mr. Toads wild Ride....

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