Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Now There's a reason to Live ~!~

Here's a thought...The earth is not a prison planet or in quarantine because we are a "menace" to the rest of our Galaxy....We are the most advanced (at least from a potential standpoint) race/planet in this particular galaxy although there are uncountable galaxies with super advanced races in them....and so we are being protected from more advanced predatory types so that we can reach our potential as we are expected to develop this Galaxy ! Now. There's a reason to Live ~!~

Most of the Advanced tech you are seeing (much cannot be seen) or are allowed to see with your video cameras is from right here on the surface of Terra or from inside the earth.  There is an advanced race that "shot" past the rest of us with a little help from their "Friends".  This race will now decide our fate as they have the ways and means, as we are like children to them.
My guess is that if your DNA and Frequency make the grade you could be "adopted" by them as they move forward into the greater Galaxy. If not....take solace the Soul essence is will resurface in a cosmic position suitable for your future growth. For many things and persons are misplaced, but nothing or no one is ever truly lost ~!~

That's just my opinion, I could be right ~!~

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