Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shamans -Key of Human Evolution

This is why the dark families who have controlled the ways of this reality for quite some time, have always been keen to kill off the Shamans of the various countries of the world....The sacred use of the entheogenic plants, vines, herbs, etc. of the earth is a natural and necessary process for evolving the consciousness of humans. We are part of a web of Life. So what do the dark ones do?
Stamp out native tribes....Make entheogenic plants and healing herbs illegal and put people in prison for using them....PUSH the use of a consciousness numbing Toxin called alcohol...Build large artificial urban cities ... where people are more cut off from nature....and Use Mass Media like Television and Movies to Frame their common consensual and narrow view of reality......WHY?
C O N T R O L 
These families are guilty of no less than stunting the growth of the human race on this planet, in the name of Progress. Their Progress.
May they soon feel the Cosmic Bitch Slap Of karma...which none can escape.

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