Thursday, November 10, 2011

You are the ELITE

Who knew? You are the Elite.
you and I and everyone else is co-creating this so called reality in this Quantum Hologram is elite.
Now you know.
Remember that the external reflection you see in the Universal mirror of your life is merely your internal thoughts, definitions and beliefs made manifest. Thus, to change the reflection, change your thoughts, definitions and beliefs concerning how reality is for you. Change your idea of how reality is for you by deciding, choosing and behaving differently.
That’s how all reality is created. There is no separation between you and the ALL THAT IS. You don't have to be the Supreme Creator to be a co-creator. Remember this is infinity and there is a never ending infinite quantity of things to create…so stop letting a few people on this planet do all of the Reality Creation and start creating!
On 11:11:11 at 11:11 your local time, for one solid minute, please focus your mind and think about and Desire the kind of world you want to live in. The kind of world you want your families to grow up in, a humane, caring, sharing, abundant, world without greed and war. Your thoughts will have power. Repeat daily and increase time if you feel called to do so. Everything in this Quantum Holographic reality begins on the subtle mental level. You Matter.
Every person is Elite by being an Inherent Infinitely powerful expression and aspect of Universal Consciousness.-Shawn Kara ONeal

1 day until 11:11:11


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