Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yipee 4D! or same old 3D?

Speaking of the transformation to the Fourth Dimension... I found these two quotes that sum things up nicely,,,

1.Yay about time, my Deoxybrose Nucliec Acid is changing - thank goodness - can finally drop this heavy burden of a body and glean into my original heavenly, temple goddess shape........much lighter much faster, less denser........ooohhhh so cant wait.

2.Sounds like a Croc of Bull, To keep people from livin in the real world and keeping an Eye on Goverment as we get fed Crap to occupy Our minds with sencless dribble. Jeesh! Give me a Break.

There are many dimensions and Universe is gonna keep on producing that Rocky Road in 3D for those who  remain attracted to that reality. And for the rest of us?   Let The Adventure Begin!  The Quest!

Some thoughts on the new NOW >>>>>>

Einstein said, "Everything is emptiness and form is condensed emptiness."

Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram said, "The human nervous system is a hologram of the universe. At any moment when you think about it, no matter what you think you are, you are always more than that."

Time is illusory because past and future are connected to the present as possibilities. Our reality (i.e. the universe) is a hologram; and at any instant, consciousness is the totality of the coherent signaling within the living matrix - including wave fronts reflected from specific information-containing structures maintained by our choices on a moment-to-moment basis - shaping our experiences of the world. We each have valuable roles in the big picture...the matrix. Everything is connected to everything else holographically somehow.

Jennifer Buergermeister is a public speaker and author on various esoteric subjects. 
We traverse together in a Super-Hologram, a common structure of experience. A 3 dimensional view that unfolds and enfolds, opens and collapses, appears and disappears hundreds of times per second. Everything snaps in and out of the physical world. We all agree that we "see" the physical world and this cements the reality further.

However, just like pictures moving at 24 frames per second creates the illusion of motion and time as we see them at the movie theatre, so the quanta coming in and out of existence, trick the mind and the eye into believing that the physical world truly, and in the minds of some, solely exists in a solid state. A subtle field consciousness exists dualistically with all matter. Just like in the microcosm as we see with sub-atomic particles, the universe exists simultaneously in the quantum wave realm as it appears in the particle physical world. You simultaneously exist in both.

by Cliff Pickover

Reality Carnival

In our own region of the universe, we've already developed computers and the ability to simulate lifelike forms using these computers and mathematical rules. I believe that one day we will create thinking beings that live in rich simulated ecosystems. We'll be able to simulate reality itself, and perhaps more advanced beings are already doing this elsewhere in the universe. Huge supercomputers would have the capacity to simulate not just a tiny fragment of reality, but a substantial fraction of an entire universe.

What if the number of these simulations is larger than the number of universes? Could we be living in such a simulation? Astronomer and philosopher Martin Rees suggests that if the simulations outnumber the universes, "as they would if one universe contained many computers making many simulations," then it is likely that we are artificial life. He notes that this theory allows for "virtual time travel," because the advanced beings who create the simulation can rerun the past. Rees says in his essay "In the Matrix" ( a.k.a. "Living in A Multiverse"),

"Once you accept the idea of the multiverse, and that some universes will have immense potentiality for complexity, it's a logical consequence that in some of those universes there will be the potential to simulate parts of themselves, and you may get a sort of infinite regress, so we don't know where reality stops and where the minds and ideas take over, and we don't know what our place is in this grand ensemble of universes and simulated universes."

Time: Time is not linear, as we are taught to believe. In the third dimension it appears to be so, but this is yet another illusion. All time exists simultaneously. There is no past and there is no future. Everything is a big NOW.

Does objective reality exist, or is the universe a phantasm? 
"Somewhere there is a dream, dreaming us"... 
Kalahari San Bushman saying

The way we currently measure time on Earth -- this will change once Earth becomes a completely 4D planet. Watching, measuring, experiencing time... this will virtually go away. Plan for this to completely come into effect by January 2014. 

Time and Space (separation) are Illusions. Reality is Now/Whole.
- Shawn Kara ONeal

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