Sunday, November 27, 2011

Secrets of our Strange Reality

Divine Creation (cf the Undiscovered Physics) is accomplished by SINGING, harmonizing, matching frequencies with, and nurturing morphological changes in, the nucleon-clusters of the atomic elements. It is not accomplished by Bankster Bombs, Mobster Particles Beam CERNs, SLACs, or FERMILABs ... the Covert State, the Black Aerospace Military Industrial psycho-complex NEVER actually does what its' public news-speak says ... who operate behind many levels of Covert Theatre Walls of secrecy and deception ... so that the monies robbed from the treasuries of their slave cultures; the bloodstream ripped from our Mother Earth, all our relations; always is perverted, redirected, to the 'Crown' Bankers evil monstrosity, furthering its' sick depredations -Millenium Twain

The world game all these 'Gentle-Men' agree to is to: 1) Rule of the Patriarchal Aristocracy, 2) British Admiralty Law, 3) British Banking, and, 4) World 'Wall Street' economics ... after that it is 'anything goes', as far as the victimization of the women and children, the working and indigenous peoples, the death of our Mother Earth ... Millenium Twain

Short illustrations of Nuclear Structure overviews for students (at Waikato University) ...

Found on the web...
Yes, the death machines are winding up their calliopes with dirges as the New World Order set their sights on Syria and Iran. the latest demonizations by the 'free press' and the mainscream media empires of Zion. Meanwhile, the mesmerized munchkins of the secured Homeland belch and fart from too much GMO turkey with all the cheap, corporate trimmins as they watch an off-side tackle of a Dallas Cowgirl by one of the armored myrmidons of militaristic corporativity celebrating the rites and rituals of the primary religion of the terminally bloated.

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