Friday, November 18, 2011

A Thousand Ships and One

A Thousand Ships and One

I must away to the sea again
To that lonely sea in the sky

And all I ask is one tall ship
And the stars to steer her by

A thousand stars to a thousand ports
A thousand Human Kinds

A thousand Captains of a Thousand Ships
Not a one the like of Mine

- Millenium Twain

The Vedas explain that there are 432,000 species of humans in this Creation but no "Aliens" The word Alien is a useless word.  The sooner we begin to think of space as a vast ocean the better.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow that nearly everything we have been taught is a Lie, and  the older you are when you discover this, the more difficult it is, but we are eternal and we can overcome this negative condition within the bigger picture and by so doing we will then be open to understand a great future.
I ask all of you to reach out with your consciousness direct to the greater consciousness of creation. The answers and the path will open before you....Namaste

Search: Millenium Twain for more information.

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