Sunday, November 6, 2011

pssst.. wanna Freak out?

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Let's watch a little youtube video from Ms. 9Nania  ...that is, if you want to freak out.

I had a thought come to me earlier this year that I should type and print out a description of who I am and what are the various important things I would want to know about myself if an electromagnetic or other type of energy wave wiped my memory clean.and destroys all electronic or tape based media. I would also keep a short version on my person at all times.
It would begin with: You have experienced a total memory loss. ....You are etc. etc.....
After watching this video, I am going to follow through on this hunch.
At the very least it will be a learning experience.
What do I think it essential to know about this "person" I am now reading about that has no memory of any of the experiences that were stored in that particular brain?
And I better keep a book on phonics and one on learning english handy in case I forgot that too!
My letter to myself about who I am would be a good incentive to relearn english!

And if all the people around me just experienced the same event, things could get real interesting....
Remember, anything is possible and exists somewhere if we can think about it, at least according to Einstein...

I wrote this this morning after watching the vid:

The movies and TV shows from Holly-Wood are invocations/incantations used to manifest desired timelines/outcomes by using the observers as ritual participants hour later I saw this comment on my facebook:
Sean Gatchell In just my estimation, I feel that every little meme is an expression, that when indulged in such a way, actually contributes massive amounts of emotional energy towards consciousness-expanding leaps. Every little thing does this, but when focused and repeated to the point Hollywood has done this in, inevitably you have directed the focus in laser precision. For whatever cause, planting or constantly illuminating the same mythology over and over again leads towards some kind of predictable end.

6 days until 11:11:11


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