Monday, November 14, 2011

The "US" Manifesto V.1

We must co-create a new coherent and cohesive understanding as a civilization as we move forward into the greater galactic community in order to have the best possible chance of survival and to prosper into the future.

The Unified Source or "US"

"US" consists of   U = YOU and   S = Source = "US" or  Unified Source 
We are US
US is All that is and contains you (U) .
The Source and U co=create the Us-net
The Us-net is the field of dimensional manifestation were actions take place.
The Ultra Source is not static and is always expanding its awareness both qualitatively and quantitatively.

One Creed with many levels of Understanding.

All persons serve some purpose either consciously or with awareness.

Is Compatable with material Science,  Metaphysics , and spirituality.

The Us-net which can be understood as a quantum hologram
The Us-net is the dimensional field of action or manifestation..
U, the Source, and the Usnet = Unified Source or "US"
We are Of  In And with Unified Source

The 3 Understandings

we are Of source
we are always acting in Source
and we are always with source

Of      IN     WITH

The individual is an expression of  the Unified Force.
Free will is a part but only a part

Matter vibrates and is Conscious
The atom is conscious and it knows when you are observing it
Animals have divine essence and are evolving

Allows for the Darwinian evolution with certain qualifications.
Service to others Vs. service to self
Balance with the Earth but no depopulation.
Space/Ocean Exploration Not Depopulation
The extended mind is real
All herbs and plants and spores have valuable roles in human society and should not be controlled or prohibited by laws.
Multiple dimensions and the Multiverse exist..
All persons or personalities in the Galaxy are related, because all of US are part of the same Unified Source.
The body is a biological machine that houses our life essence and other types of machines may carry such an essence in the future. The Life essence is constant.

An Individual may view the Unified Source as an impersonal energy or as The Personified body of that energy which can be a form most pleasing to both  U and the Ultra Source.
There are many ways to relate to the Unified Source.
There is no "Better" or More advanced just a evolving relationship which is not static or limited.
These relationships are not mutually exclusive meaning that we are not limited to having only one type of relationship with the Unified source.

Committed responsible relationships entered into freely by others are respected.
One should avoid taking any life that is not necessary to sustain the human essence and body together

The "US" Manifesto is scalable across the Galaxy.

One can be in more or less agreement with the Unified Source but cannot be "Right' or Wrong"  without the consideration of Space/Time/Circumstances.
Unified Source is Absolute , individual actions within the Us-net are not always absolute..

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