Thursday, November 24, 2011

High Stakes Bankster Cabal POKER

There is this Creeping "END GAME" sensation about the land....Must the Old Paradigm die before the new Paradigm  can begin? YES. it is the way of the seasons of the Earth.
The Banker Ponzi Pyramid Dollar Scam has run its course... like most things, it can't last forever.

It reminds me of Those old black and white Western Movies where a bunch of Macho cowboys are playing high stakes poker in a Saloon, when one of the cowboys catches another one this point, the accused cowboy who has been cheating overturns the poker table and draws his gun on the accuser and trys to GUN HIM DOWN. 

The Bankster Cabal has been caught Stealing the people blind and when they are accused they will try to overturn the established poker game (the markets) with a MEGA WAR as a way to Re-set the game.
Just like the Accused cowboy they will try to shoot us (get us killed in a war).

Like Gerald Celente says, "when all else fails, they take us to war"

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