Monday, November 28, 2011

We (ALL) Know the TRUTH

We (all together) know the truth about what's going up or down on planet Earth. Through the mundane principle of 6  degrees of separation and the more intimate connection we share coming as we all do from the Source of All that IS.  We simply have to connect all the dots and they will form the complete picture....
The consciousness has been raised around the planet and many more upgrades are in store....allowing us to clearly discern B.S. from Truth. Yes, much work is still to be done but the internet has served it's purpose to jump start this process of connecting the dots... and it has shown any benevolent race in the cosmos that cares to observe this planet's real people that we are worthy of their time and mentoring to help us help ourselves out of this dreadful primitive age we are mired in.....
We should continue to share and contribute to the truth picture for the benefit of everyone, which we are starting to understand is also in our own best self interests as well.
We are now becoming the experts as we are learning more every second. As we have learned form the Climate gate sham and the Gulf Oil Gusher B.P. Debacle , all but a few of the so called experts are living in fear and/or are bought off. The energetic vibration is on our side.
We have all the tools we need. The most important tool we have is each other. Living Light.

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