Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wake TF Up......

Man in burning house must wake up soon......or whole day is ruined. -Shawn Kara ONeal

The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street.

When one delves deeply into the quantum holographic paradigm one may realize that all laws made by our government are merely a control structure, an artificial construct , and "the law" is only "the Law" because you "THE PEOPLE" agree that it is. Control is never a static force, it is always moving towards total control of every aspect and every second of  humanity unless  CONTROL ITSELF IS BEING Actively CONTROLLED by wise men of enlightened good conscious who have control of themselves . Without this higher purpose of Service to others we end up losing the distinction between the good guys and the bad guys and are left with one self serving evil against another. I leave you to decide if there are too many laws or not enough laws and who benefits from the current state of control which has always "cloaked" itself and it's intentions with "The LAW". Black Cloaks to be exact.

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