Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time Travel Questioned ???

Here we have Clif High's latest article on Time Travel and Remote Viewing from the viewpoint of a Helical Solar System model VS the current understanding of the Heliocentric model.

You can read this article and the preceding articles at

So I'm trying to understand what the Chronovisor boys are really experiencing when viewing other events in time like Lincoln's Gettysburg address , etc.
One possibility that may be able to co-exist with the Helical model proposed by Dr. Bhat is that these "time traveler's" are actually accessing the Akashic Records ( ThinkYoutube at a higher level) where all history of this planet is recorded. In this case the "place" we are currently at in "space" is not a factor as these records are viewable from any point within the cosmos. The illusion of time travel is then created by the viewing of these recorded events playing back when accessed by an observer. The future events are only representations of the "thought projections" of the people in the present of what they "think"or "desire" the future to be, which is the process that creates the actual future. This could explain statements to the effect that there are many different future timelines...

I would love to have some Cherry Pie with Clif , Dr. Bhat, and Anatoly Fomenko....No that's a Tea Party!

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