Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Apocalypse's girlfriend ~!~

First we start with a 4 min. video called EVERYBODY RIDES THE CAROUSEL...

Wheels within wheels....Tibetan  prayer wheels....wheel of the Great Year, the Zodiac,....

The different animals and mythic beings we can ride on the carousel....Galaxies shaped like wheels going round and round like carousel.... seeing is not always believing , in fact  seeing can be quite a majick has to know there is a trick's majick ~!~
Living in a cosmic circus with a MERRY GO Round..... a Ferris Wheel....and our Carousel....throw in a freak show.....Viola! here we sure to ride the Tunnel of Love ~!~

To quote Mr. Les Visible "So, here is the world, only existing as a construct for the purpose of escaping from it. That's the real meaning of 'for the purpose of 'demon'stration and the fact that everything is under control. In every case where it appears not to be, that is just one more case of cosmic somnambulism."

Cosmic sleepwalking....that sounds interesting to say the least. How are your Houdini escape skills ? Some levels of this Demo game can be quite difficult.
Escape is a very popular and even commercial word around this circus. As Emerson  Lake and Palmer sang... Welcome to the Show ! enjoy

Now about this control and the fact that everything should be under it....hmmmm
Chaos under glass ? The Modes of Nature...., Free will or was that free willy?
These are deep ponderings...3 ring circus,3 modes of nature, Goodness, Passion, and Ignorance... the order in which you choose...are you a visitor in someone's circus and a performer in another's circus at the same time as the multi dimensional crowd is saying... Me's, Myself's and I's running round out there and in here....As George Harrison said: It's All too Much ! (song). He said take a piece of cake but not too much....another tough value judgement. 

Karma is a Bitch. Even when she's good she's badass, cause she's got you where she want's you and it "hurts so good" So perhaps Karma is Mr. Apocalypse's girlfriend ~!~

A real Dynamic Duo ~!~

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