Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New 6 Day Week ~!~

The New 6 DAY WEEK

I think we need to shorten our 7 day week to a 6 day week.
We lose Monday, get rid of's the only one not named for a God and or planet anyway...the moon is a let it go. I never liked Mondays much anyhow.

Tuesday shall have to get the boot as well.  It is related to Tiu or Mars, the God of War and we shall no longer honor war, we shall honor Peace. Therefore the new name for this day shall be Peaceday.  We shall now have 60 weeks consisting of 6 days each which equals 360 days and a 5 day Global Earth Celebration around the current calendar dates of July 1 through July 3.
The existing National Independence day of July 4th** will be celebrated as usual. July 5 will be the day of Universal Unity. In Leap Years the Global Earth Celebration will be a 4 day celebration or "Grand" Celebration. This timing is a good approximate half way point in the year with somewhat fair weather across the nation. There will be much Food, Music, Art, New Thought, and exhibits related to Mankind and the Earth we live on and how to do a better job of taking care of it. 

The New Weekdays

Peaceday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The New 13 Month Year

The new Month will be called Earth or the Month of Earth and will be 5 or 6 days (leap year) long to include the annual Global Earth Celebration, Independence Day celebration and the  Day of Universal UnityThe Leap year is always added to the month of Earth.
The 12 existing months will then become uniform with 30 days each. 12 X 30 = 360
And also uniform with 5 weeks of 6 days each per month.  

The new month of Earth will be exactly in the middle of the 12 new 30 day months.
J F M A M J   (New "Earth" Month)     J A S O N D
180 Days                  *5 Days                180 Days    = 365 days

* Leap year is always added to the Month of Earth as a 6th day. 
** Other Nations may designate this day how they see fit.

So let it be written, So let it be done. ~!~

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