Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire, The Curse of Prometheus

Imagine the soles of your shoes as a barrier between the healing earth and the soles of your feet....the layers of covering that block the air from contact with your largest organ...the skin.....Sometimes just two eyes looking out from a wraith like garb....The aural barriers of the city sounds and the earplugs pumping the temporal "hits" of the fleeting urge blocking the sound of the natural environment...The birds, the limbs moving in the breeze, light rain hitting the leaves... The entire oil drum fired toxic reality going back to Prometheus who "stole" fire from the Gods and gave it to man...has resulted in a total diversion of humanity down a dead end road to the edge of the Abyss. It is water that covers the greater part of this planet. This is a water planet not a fire planet. No life here without water. We need sunlight, that is our fire.
Our entire Civilization would look different if we had taken the path of water.  The Dolphins have this knowledge. With the first Nuclear test at Los Alamos, the word "Trinity", hmmmm well, it became clear that what Prometheus brought was a Curse.  A gift of something as powerful as fire can't be trusted to untrained hands .  Humans Are extremely powerful light beings...being kept in the dark....for the last few moments of infinite time we have been playing with fire and getting burned...FUK U Shima being the latest deadly burn..... It is supposed to be dominion not Destruction !
Even the translation "dominion" is a bad one.  How about "responsibility" to maintain the sacred trust and balance of life on your world, the beautiful earth ?  The excess of any major element causes an imbalance. 
Too much FIRE!  It's nature is to consume and convert into other energies.  The nuclear fire creates elements "Daughters" that are extremely lethal ... why daughters? This Fire is also a Paternalistic energy... Birth develops in the water of the mother.... The war rages on.... Why was a great flood used to reset or reboot this current History (His- Story) ?   
Shades of Hades....if it feels like hell, and smells like hell, and torments like hell, it is hell.
Is building Hell a growth industry? 
Is it just good business for a virus to infect as many people as it can and kill their bodies?
Has it not been said that you should not fear the death of the body which is born to die and is a temporary manifestation.....But fear the things that can harm the spirit....The progress on the path of spirit..~!~
Please change your mind. When the program says: "that's just the way it is" speak up from your spirit and say: No , this is not true. And when the program says: "things never change" speak up and say : You are wrong. ALL IS CHANGE...and then IMAGINE what change you want to see from a position of Love.
Know that you are making a difference. When enough people want change from LOVE..Love will provide ~!~ Namaste

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