Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Attention All Radiant Specklings

Why do so many people believe that 13 is an unlucky number and at the same time believe that one Special being with 12 disciples is going to save them ? 1 + 12 = 13.  Sweet contradiction adds no calories to my Mocha Java  ~!~
I see that Les Visible said this today: There is a small school of thought that believes the Kali Yuga is going to end this year. There's a much larger school of traditionalists that think it's going to go on for a long, long time yet. What I think is that they're both right and that a mini golden age is going to come into being but it will be temporary. 
I tend to agree with Les on this view... The long long time is about 432,000 years.  And most do agree that a "Golden Age" will appear within this Kali Yuga. I even wrote a song about it called Golden Age (youtube). Exactly when this "Golden Age" happens is a little variable as is Universe from moment to moment and 10,000 years seems to be the number that I have seen in various places for the length of this golden age.
Kind of a preview of the next Satya Yuga or great age that will roll around like a great wheel of destiny.  Rock (material world) and Roll (great wheel of the ages).
Rock and Roll 

I also see this link on his page which looks interesting:

                           murmurings to specklings

All of a sudden, yet without abruptness, a quantum-organic fizz has taken the place of customary physiological murmurings which were recently becoming mannered suggestions of decline and not much else. Whatever it is,  is completely free of ritualistic antecedents though loaded with an ancient energy of bright heart radiance. Very nice for  the time of year to be sure.
In a way it doesn’t matter that it’s difficult to quite grasp where in any year us current mortals may be finding the momentary co-ordinates of the supercharged opportunity generally disguised as existence. Because eternity is speckling through time in a way that is ravishingly beyond very nice. And the treasure of belonging to measureless value is glowing in all previously invisible niches of space. The telling of fortune is about to be simply truth being told.
Which is where these neon-verbals  happily fade into a pulse … only  of high refreshment, pure power and real information. To animate another page another time. Maybe.
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YUM , quantum -organic fizz...loaded with energy of bright heart radiance~!~ sounds good any time ! I'll have a double, thanks.

Lots of things may not matter in the usual sense when we realize that there is no matter, there is only consciousness and projections thereof. Then the mention of intention can be our convention of invention, welcome to the show.
Eternity "speckling" through time....speckling through other things as well....what a delicious word...I would like to hear more about this "ravishingly beyond very nice" it does truly sound Divine....

Measureless Value ...The treasure of belonging to  measureless Value....The treasure of Treasures....Matchless Gifts in the Niches  of a place called space....which, is anything but empty....

And simple truth...the Spirit before it is blended with any other additives, "Natural"flavors,  spices, etc. always a kick as it should be.
It  is the High Refreshment we radiant speckling's seek ~!~

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