Friday, April 27, 2012

The isness of Panama

It is what it is
It is when it is
That is the reason why
 it is
What it is

There are around 7 Billion people on Terra at this fine point in time and they are all fine points to be sure how many truly original thoughts do you think or imagine you can have that no other person has had?
just a would be even harder with 20 Billion....people on the moon , on mars,,,etc. etc....
One of my blogger face book friends thinks this material world is for the purpose of "demonstration"....and he may be right of some universe or dimension if not this one......perhaps we're all right somewhere....just not everywhere all the time.... any way, i view it slightly differently than my quick witted poetic friend.  To me demonstration is a means to an demonstrate the software, auto,whatever to sell it etc. a way to another stage..... also it may be a very human trait to figure out a reason, at least in our own limited minds as to why everything happens,,,,, the theory of everything, etc. We humans are curious as kity cats.....but it does not stand to reason that we will know all in this particular dimension without a serious upgrade....which may be downloaded into this reality at any moment, i just don't know.....
Indeed, it is an opinion or belief , scientific or religious that we should know or find out the reason for all things and all that far as we know...which may not be very far at all......
So i will propose that it is perfectly all right for us to realize that we shall not know it all....because ALL itself is constantly expanding in awareness of it's infinite isness, infinite being, infinite knowing....
It is what it is brother.....peace.

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