Saturday, April 7, 2012

Calling Out The Galactics ~!~

Sometimes you just have go out in front of the cosmic saloon and call someone or something or the whole gang out into the street at high noon (cause that way no one has an advantage using the sun) anyway you stand there and you call them out....cause it's been eating away at you for a long time and now your fed up and you're going to deal with it......

And what's eating me ?   I'll tell you what's eating me....we had the worlds worst nuclear disaster (since the last big flood) start on 3/11/2012 and it is getting critical regarding the tremendous amount of Spent fuel in reactor #4 which could topple at any minute and over a brief time span make the entire northern hemisphere a no go zone.... and so WHERE are you ET's ?  and  Galactic Councils and the Light Warriors? and the Federation of Veneration, and the Universal Union of Concerned Ascended Masters local 108 , and the Enlightened up lifters of whatever never mind?

This is the Nuclear Acid test space folks.....  You need to be able to solve the Earth's Nuclear problem and replace it with something better. If you can't do that how advanced are you?
If your really there.....Show us the Ships.....This Shit needs to get REAL >>> NOW!

If you let the SHTF in JAPAN you're just a bunch of Psyops wrapped in a hopeless and changeless paradigm of death excursions to the nether regions on roller blades and your FOS !

Unless you want the world to become a hot zone so you can mine it with your robotic machines....Northern hemisphere Phase I and Southern hemisphere Phase II while you live under the sea in your Octopussy garden in the shade....

Anythings possible in this cosmos.....may it always be so ~!~

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