Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why the Mayans Left ~!~

Where did the Mayans go? The Mayans,,, Big civilization...Great astronomers...A far sighted race...where ever did they Go?
Well I think that the Mayans had other advanced skills...(more to be revealed) when certain books that were never burned are made available......just a don't burn valuable things or priceless matchless knowledge. I think that the Mayans saw forward in time...they saw down the timeline to where we are now...and they saw how unbalanced the planet would become...the Noosphere is a Noose around everyone' s neck....those are not cell phones,,,they're millstones....this path has not made people more is an epic fail....this "modern civilization" is an epic fail of epic proportions. It is really quite hideous. We are the beautiful spirits (beauty) and we have created our own Beast to dance with.
So the Mayans did not want to stick around for this Drama because they knew it was going to be a real drag. And it was not a true path . The Mayans Left. They had the ways and the means so they just said adios earth.
Somewhere out there and maybe not to far from here, I expect that there are splendid pyramids and a very advanced society that is waiting for us to learn our lessons here. How many time units to the reboot of this reality? When enough of us decide we can do better than this. Not just More carbon based stuff but More LOVE.

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