Friday, May 11, 2012

13 Days in Maybe

13 days in another dimension...that mansion does have many rooms putting it mildly...but it was just a few nano seconds that became 13 days back here...genius behind this time dimension dealio... 4 sure.
So take my planet earth, please.  really, this planet has been around for Billions of years ...and the vast majority of those years have been leaderless with no world did we ever make it without those world Vampires  Leaders? and the UN  (UN-real)  and all those NGO's ? (Nothing going on) Gee....a pristine planet with no World Leaders...Go ahead and call the Dinosaurs pea brain dumb asses if you must but they did not create bio warfare, machine guns, depleted Uranium munitions, Nuclear missles, FUK U Shima, The BP Gulf OIL Gusher, Bopal, etc., etc.... They did not create Hi Fructose (Fruc YOU) corn syrup, ASS PAR TAME, and are not responsible for your fat . And what does the farmer do before he sends the herd to the slaughter house? He fattens the herd up..... If you wake up one fine morning or any morning and all the obese people in your life have vanished ...G O N E. well , then you know what happened.... Is there some valuable quality to human fat out in the galaxy somewhere that we don't know about?

Let's just hope that the big alien boss in space (cloaked ship) is not saying " kill them all and let the Universe sort them out"....

Perhaps the earth has some resource that a more powerful species needs...and they don't need to ask, they just take what they want. And if we get in the way they kill us. Not because they want to wipe out humanity. It's just business. If you lay low you'll probably be OK.

Sort of like you wanting something in a shed and if the wasps in the corner don't bother you, no problem. If the wasps get pesky you blast them , end of wasps.  These aliens could take this view of us; who Knows?  I'm just saying that it does not have to be a Holly-wood all or nothing movie scenario.

Humanity is the group that figures out ways to use everything on the pig but the squeal. That does not mean every other intelligent life form in the Universe does.  Can humanity be trusted?  Are there some DNA  carbon based human life forms on planet earth that can be trusted? Can they be sorted out from the devious, mean-spirited, evil death dealing vampire bastards ?

Ponderous pondering on the ponderosa where the ponderosa pines grow tall .

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