Monday, May 14, 2012

Goo Goo Ka Choogle

1's and 0's pimps and ho's, a genius and a Joe, day and night , love and fight....What a program!
What a programmer !  What a Galactic Programming powerhouse!  Chooglin' on down the timeline...
This describes the BACKGROUND consciousness we are moving along so swimmingly in ... short and neat as a single malt scotch on the rocks,. The grand ball cannot occur without observers.... There are no useless observers.... which brings us to our current musings....

we MARVEL at the technology that would allow tiny nano machines to Replicate themselves while consciousness powered Flesh machines replicate all around us every nano second... we look with Goo Goo eyes on the wonder of a 3D software imagine software that writes new programs with no further (obvious direct) human conscious input..... a  R E A L (4 letter word) Dream machine......Consciousness, frequency, space, time, observers, and Viola ! the observed the dreams...oh the places you'll's so dreamy, creamy, and screamy. Then along comes the notion of a "special"  1 that is greater than the other 1's   a zero that is less (greater?) than the other zero's.. hmmmm

How-ever,,,When enough observers "believe" in some thing...any thing... it becomes R E A L...hello Holly-wood !  welcome to Star-Dom , welcome to Heros, and Villains, to your programs...and Models.... And Comics !  yes  Co- MIC the co creation of the Military Industrial Complex... Super Hero Violence Porn ! Now modeled by your favorite Actors ....The Super Men and Women that you are being programmed to will into being through your combined conscious observation and will power. You are the raw power behind all the dreams, you are the gasoline that powers the cosmic Caddy !

1 is the wand of violence, 0 is the sex pot, and holly - wood is what magick wands are made of.
Perhaps 1 + 0 is not 1.  It is 1 + 0 . or THIS

And now.... The all time box office opener! Heading to 1 Billion in sales ! All those kids reading all those comics in the 60's and viola! here we are.... they ALL created this result...however , no royalty checks are in the mail unless your royalty.... the program tells me that I must go and see this Avengers movie... it's huge, it's happening, it want's to reach 7 billion in sales...a symbolic new level of the dream where 7 billion people sym- bolic-ally give 1 dollar to this massive zero. CON- TROL .  Well piss on that.  Bamp.. Bamp.. Bamp....Is this a programming glitch? Now who put these "glitches" (rhymes with witches) into the program?  and Why do they always try and burn the witches?  and  how many times has this Deja Vu hard drive been overwritten?  Ponderous Ponderings on the Ponderosa where the Ponderosa Pines grow.....

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