Monday, May 21, 2012

What 4 art Thou?

What do you struggle with....and I ? What 4 art we? Many things, yes many....memories we wish we could change... the environment...en virus on me nt.  some think we... you and I ,  are... the Virus on it....But let's leave "IT" for another day...such a big
 Radiation never sleeps; a life sucking vampire always stalking the jetstreams and the oceanstreams, always hungry....and behind all this darkness that must be repaid for splitting light to serve the greater good....lies Ignorance ...99.999 % pure ignorance....slaughtering, slithering, seducing, Ignorance...trillions killed since whenever!
Kali Yuga Overdrive:: :: :: :: ::.... Fuk U shima is just one hissssss of the Dragon's breath.....The BP gulf death gusher ; the beast's toxic piss.... GREED "powered by ignorance"  and little  billionaire nats that think they're serving the greater good......It's as if one demon wants this planet and the demons that currently control it (in their dreams), are playing the "If I can't have the one can" so they go about Fuk u shima-ing things up....and killing the oceans...and putting chemy chems in the ward off the bigger demons FOR THE GREATER GOOD of course, of course....dreadful business old chap....simply dreadful....Sometimes losses must be taken for the greater good...
Ignorance, it's whats in charge!
And you thought this world was a funhouse! muhahahahaha muha, muuu hahahahaha! is that funny?
Funny... a 60's group called "THE ANIMALS" with a singer named Eric BURDEN....sang  "we gotta get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do".....the last thing can be a LOOOONG far as time struggles with getting caught up in one struggle after another..identifying with matter...forgetting the "SPIRIT" of the thing.  Caught up in the cause de jour...BE cause we forget the primal causal cause....
The ship of Spirit is the way out of here.....imho ....Happy trails ~!~

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