Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State of the Fates

The BP Gulf Oil Gusher 2010, Chinese oil spills 2010 & 2011, Nigeria oil spill 2011, North Sea oil spill 2011, New Zealand oil spill 2012, Brazil oil spill 2012, Fukushima nuclear disaster Ongoing since March 11, 2011 >>>>
Fukushima fallout, debris and other radiation contamination monitoring links

Found on the web:
What's the point of sending our kids to be educated at school if this is the level of competence practiced in our fragile world????

Australian Electrical Trades Union has outlawed the entire nuke chain for their members.
"'Uranium is the new asbestos': union ban on nuclear work"

I like the "column of water" analogy spin for its cleverness to make one think it is stationary in a single body of water, mythicaly only found near Japan like an obedient child.

"We’re getting a kind of corporate superstructure to the American society in which the media and the financial interests and the defense industry, and the oil companies are all a part of one huge conglomerate.
It is very important for the future of the globe to have good communications, which means to have good journalism. It is a great problem that the American corporate superstructure of the media is less and less amenable to objective journalism".
-Peter Dale Scott - former diplomat, poet and prominent anti-war advocate. 

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