Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Solar Flare.Mega Quake.Axis Shift.322

Did the sun crash the Purim Plan?  We know that mega solar flares like the X 5.4 that just occurred will be negatively effecting Satellites, computer/communication systems, etc.  during this same period through March 8? we shall see if we make it through 10:pm CST.....

Now, When lights are on all over the city at night, we understand that some where is a power plant with operators….

We have a Magnetosphere around this planet so who or what is running it?
Is it generated from the Inner earth? some say  The Molten core...
Is it generated off planet , the work of an EMV like those seen around the Sun? 

The Earth's magnetic field is extremely important for protecting the planet from so-called "solar wind" and other electromagnetic influences from space. The magnetosphere, which is driven by the Earth's magnetic field, serves as a kind of electromagnetic barrier to prevent dangerous rays from reaching the surface of the planet.

For Comparison, Earth has a magnetic field and Venus does not – a crucial distinction when assessing the effects of the sun on these planets which are almost the same distance from the sun.

SWARM… is 3 ESA Satellites to study Earth's Mag Field>>>
At 3:00 mark ---Magnetic field has dropped 12% in South America in last 30 years….
At 3:45 Mark…"Mars Magnetosphere could have been "blown up" by Solar Winds….

Swarm Set to launch from Russia In July 2012….
Swarm will, in a manner of speaking, follow in the footsteps of Jules Verne’s novel ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. Today, however, it is no longer necessary to dig tunnels or drill holes to take a closer look at the composition of the Earth’s interior. Thanks to the development of ‘satellite remote sensing’, Swarm can achieve this goal from orbit. The Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields offer direct insights into the workings of its interior: from the variations these fields display at different times and places, scientists can draw conclusions about the dynamic processes taking place beneath the planet’s surface. Probing INNER EARTH? 

Creepin out with 9Nania
Recap starts at 3:58 into the vid …. 322 Skull and crossbones?
Is this why the Bush family bought a vast tract of land in Paraguay….?
The diff between 188 and 189 days is due to the 365 day calendar year….

Good concise recap of Time intervals….Mega Quakes…and Axis Shifts…. C R E E P Y…

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